Wood Fireplace Mantel

Function wise the chimney is considered to be the most important part of the fireplace. However, when it comes to the design and appearance the mantel is the main part that we look to. It is where we will place out favorite childhood memories and heirlooms. Or where we can set our favorite sweet smelling candles and flowers.

Because of its importance we need to make sure that we choose the type of fireplace mantel that we can be happy with and can use to the best of our ability. That is what makes choosing the right material and design used to make it so difficult. In the end though many people choose for the wood fireplace mantel.

One of the biggest reasons that wood makes such a great material to use when building a fireplace mantel is how sturdy and strong that it is. When you use the right type of wood you are choosing a fireplace mantel that is strong, durable, and able to handle anything that comes it way - even the heat.

After choosing to use a wood fireplace mantel the next hard part comes. You must now decide what type of wood you wish to use. There are many different types and each one is as beautiful as the next. In order to make the right decision it is best to browse your selections and choose one that you can be happy with.

Price is an issue with many people and can often dictate our decisions. Perhaps this is true when choosing the right mantel - but you still need to be happy with your choice. Make sure that the wood fireplace mantel you want has the right design, size, and look that will match the room and the way in which you wish to decorate it.