Traditional Fireplace Designs

Sure a lot of modern fireplace designs have long dominated the homes around America, but still, traditional fireplace designs should be given tribute for the inspiration and beauty they set for the others. Long ago, ancient fire pits were built on the ground in the middle of a hut or any dwelling, and smoke was released through the holes made in the roof of the houses. Chimneys were built much later, which partially fixed the problem of the smoke being blown outside or back into the room. It wasn’t until the 1700s when the traditional fireplaces were built by important personalities like Charles I and Ben Franklin.

At present, a traditional fireplace design is characterized by elements such as the foundation, hearth, the fireplace mantel, chimney crane, ashdump door, grate, a lintel with a lintel bar, cleanout door, a breast, damper, throat, flue, smoke chamber with a chimney case, a cap, shroud or spark arrestor and a crown. There are different traditional fireplace design types:

  • The Masonry, which is basically made of stone brick and is composed of a fireplace and chimney, may or may not have a tile line flue. The problem with this type of fireplace is that it does not stand up well to earthquakes.
  • Concrete chimneys are the types which feature fundamental flaws, which is the difference among thermal rates between concrete and steel rebar. This caused the crack of chimney flues when heated.
  • A manufactured fireplace or a “prefab” fireplace is composed of a firebox made from a thin sheet of metal and walled metal pipe doubled or tripled to keep up the running inside the wood-framed chase.

Traditional fireplace designs through time have adapted different sorts of materials to enhance the elegance and grace it gives out in a room. Marble fireplaces are the ones that have stayed popular through the years. Artisan in the south of Spain has crafted some of the most beautiful marble fireplaces in the world. These traditional fireplace designs are greatly influenced by the Romans, Moors and Visigoths. These were the hailed rulers all throughout the millennia.

As the years advance, more and more materials will be used to popularize the contemporary fireplace designs and traditional fireplace designs will be remembered as that which set the pace to this architectural mania. Traditional fireplace designs give people a chance to remember the natural artistic skills and talents of man even before the time of advanced technology.