Stone Fireplace Mantel

Although wood is considered to be the most common type of fireplace mantel that is used it is not the only option that people are able to choose from. There are countless other materials that are able to be used when trying to find the right type of fireplace mantel for your home. One of the most elegant types is the stone fireplace mantel.

One of the best things about using stone is that you do not have to be bogged down to a set pattern and how they should be situated. They also help the whole fireplace to blend well together if the chimney is built using the stone as well.

There are many different types of stone materials that you are able to choose from - which makes it very diverse and able to be used in many different homes. People who love the rustic cabin look will be able to find a darker and much larger stone fireplace mantel that will be able to suit their needs.

Anyone who is looking for something that is elegant are able to choose some of the smoother types of stone fireplace mantels. These are able to be either light or dark depending on what your preference is and how you plan to decorate the rest of your home and the room that it is in.

The only downside to using a stone fireplace mantel is the how expensive and time consuming it can be. Stone is one of the more expensive materials and it is not as easy to install and set up as wood fireplace mantels are. However, the end result will help to ad value to your home.