Rustic Fireplace Design

When choosing a fireplace design that you will love and enjoy you have to think of the type of things that you love. It is true that when decorating any part of your home you need to think about the theme you want and the style that you love the most. One of the best styles to use for your fireplace is the rustic fireplace design.

This works well for the fireplace because it is what most people imagine when they think of having one. It takes them back to the colonial time period when they used the fireplace for more than just warmth - but also for cooking. Although we do not have to do this it is still nice to be able to have one similar.

But the rustic fireplace design does not work with every type of home that you may live in. It can be used in some contemporary homes depending on how the person has decorated it and whether or not it will help to add to the design of the home. But modern homes do not work well with them at all.

The best homes to use these in are log cabins. There are many of these types of homes in certain places that are built in an elegant and yet rustic manner. Putting the rustic fireplace made with brick or even stone helps to add to that look and make the whole thing vey inviting to anyone who comes to visit.

You will be able to find these in a variety of sizes and materials. They can have very large chimneys with smaller openings or they can have some of the largest openings you have ever seen with thin chimneys attached to it.

One of the most unique types of rustic fireplaces that you will ever see are the kinds that run through the center of a home. The fireplace opening sits on the ground floor - but the chimney travels up through the center of the home.