Oak Fireplace Mantel

There are many different materials that are able to be used when trying to design and build your own fireplace mantel. People who love the modern look may choose to not use any mantel at all or will choose wrought iron for a more unique and different type of look that is hard to find anywhere else.

Probably one of the most popular type of fireplace mantel that is able to be used is wood. This is great to use in a contemporary, classic, or even modern home. It all depends on the type of wood that you use and how it is carved out and shaped. There are many different types of woods that you are able to use - but one of the cleanest and most elegant to use is oak.

Oak fireplace mantels are able to be found in both light and dark colors to help you work with the type of home that you have and how you have been able to decorate it. You can use the mantel as a single shelf that sits on top of the fireplace or you can have it built around the opening of the fireplace.

When deciding on how you should design the oak fireplace mantel try to imagine how you wish to decorate it. Ask yourself if you want to put up pictures, heirlooms, candles, or other decorations that come in groups. Or maybe you just wish to put up one piece of decoration and you know that will be enough.

Some of the more unique types of oak fireplace mantels that I have seen are not just built around the opening of the fireplace - but they are the fireplace. They surround it completely and are able to sit flush against the wall where the chimney is hidden. These are perfect to use in some of the more classic or even rustic homes.