Ideas On Decorating Fireplaces

How great do you think a fireplace would look if it was not decorated in anyway? It would look rather plain and awkward no matter what room it is in. The mantel and chimney help to add to the design and appearance of the whole fireplace - but it is not the only thing. We need to be able to use what we have around us to add to the design of the whole thing.

Fireplace Accessories

One of the best things that we are able to use are the many fireplace accessories. This includes screens and the tools that are often used to clean it out. There are many different types of fireplace screens - which are made using glass, stained glass, and metal. You can choose the design that you want based on the theme that you are using.

Tools are important in keeping your fireplace clean - but during those months when you are not using it you need to have something that will look great sitting beside it. You can purchase the tools to sit in a special stand beside the fireplace on the hearth. You can also purchase them to hang on both sides of the fireplace screen.


One of the best ways that you can decorate any home that you live in is to use the memorabilia you have around your home. Use heirlooms and family pictures and place them on the mantel of your fireplace. This is a great way to draw the eye of anyone who comes to visit and to have a very traditional fireplace design in your home.

Other Decorations

Another great thing that you can use to help decorate your fireplace are candles. You can place small ones on top or have a few in descending order along the length of the mantel. If candles is not your thing than try to find different decorations that is more to your personality and what you like. Perhaps a model boat, a grandfather clock, or a picture would be better to complete the design of your fireplace.