Fireplace Mantle Designs

There are several fireplace mantle designs made available to homeowners for their fireplaces at home. A prefab fireplace needs to have an equally prefab mantle that will suit your budget and your needs. There are several types of mantle designs made available for different types of fireplaces. These mantles are made from different materials as well.

Fireplace mantle designs are basically made of any material you can use, but most usually, wood is being used. The best materials being used is cherry or mahogany. These types of wood will give a nice and dark effect. Oak is also best when you wish to have a standard or rugged feel. You can also use birch and ash if you want a beautiful and airy atmosphere. For a masonry fireplace, you should consider getting a fireplace mantle design that is custom made. This type of mantle is particular on the total size of the entire room and the exact distance to the ceiling. There is even an optional upper panel, which is used to fit flush against either a flat or vaulted ceiling. These mantles are made to fit snugly around prefab fireplaces. They usually measure up to 40 inches wide and 40 inches high. It is also 13 inches deep. These prefab mantles can also be used as corner units and these mantles also require minimal installation or assistance during decoration.

Several styles are also available for fireplace mantle designs. You can take your pick certain styles from the Baroque period, classical period, Victorian and contemporary. You should decide what sort of atmosphere you want for your fireplace. Do you want it dark and ornate, clean and simple, or light and airy? You can create any sort of feel you can imagine. If you wish to have a more classical effect, you can use rounded columns like that of Greek temples; or you can also choose to use square columns that have ridges carved in and also overlays that goes up and down the sides and on the top. Arches are also used to create good fireplace mantle designs. Arches are very good ways of encouraging the artistic sense of fireplace mantle designs.

Mantles are one of the most essential fireplace accessories. Good fireplace mantle designs somehow contribute toward the overall look of the fireplace. Cited above are materials, styles, types and tips that you can use in order to have a beautiful mantle piece that will match the theme of your fireplace.