Fireplace Design Ideas

As the centerpiece of your home's living room, a fireplace with the perfect design will add warmth and ambiance to an otherwise dreary area. Of course, the hard part is finding that perfect design - so here are a few fireplace design ideas that will help you bring warmth and life to your living area:

Designing The Perfect Fireplace

Before you begin the process of designing or redesigning your fireplace, the first question likely to come up is "Should I go contemporary or modern?" Well, there is no perfect answer for every situation. While we can't make this decision for you, we can offer some tips for deciding on your own. Naturally, you should match the design and decor of the rest of your living area - you wouldn't want to mix-match the theme of either.

Fireplace Ideas

Ok, so you're completely stumped. Join the club, most people are at a loss with what style of fireplace to build. Fortunately, here are a few great fireplace ideas you can use. Whether it's a traditional or modern look you're after, or maybe the desire to be different, theis will be handy and these ideas come straight from the experts.

New Fireplace Installations

Whether you're building a new home or adding a fireplace to an existing room, the idea of designing or building it yourself can be a daunting task. The 'perfect' fireplace is a must, and you'll settle for nothing short of the best. Here are some great ideas for designing your fireplace that you don't see everyday:

  • Cobblestone facing provides a great contemporary finish for a flat brick type fireplace design. Wrap it with a traditional arched door for a rustic, yet elegant look.
  • Bring out the art decor with custom colored tiles to match other fixtures in your home or living area. This is a great way to accent a modern home.
  • Nothing displays elegance more than a unique European face, which blends well with a nice traditional look or a contemporary modern design.
  • Budget or design minded shoppers could also opt for matched hearth, firebox, and fireplace openings. Letting a professional handle the design and buying pre-made kits make the job easier and more cost effective.

Redesign Of An Existing Fireplace

In most cases, you can completely change or update the look fireplace even if you're on a budget. There's no need to completely gut out the wall or corner fireplace installation when you can liven things up without spending loads of money.

  • Consider installing a fireplace insert - not only will it approve the appearance it'll also help you save money by improving energy efficiency and heating your home better.
  • Consider a facelift. Add tile, stone, rock, brick or your favorite material of choice to the outside for a vastly improve look and feel. It's best to match the decor of the rest of the room, and now's a great time to do it.
  • Build or replace your existing mantle. This is a great way to really add a custom look to your fireplace, with many designs available and doing so is a relatively unobtrusive and inexpensive upgrade.

As you can see there are many great ideas for fireplace design. It doesn't take an art major or professional home interior decorator to have an elegant, warm and beautiful fireplace in your living area.