European Fireplace Design

There are literally hundreds of various fireplace designs that we are able to choose from. The one we pick in the end will help to add to the look as well as the value of the home. Many people will choose the traditional fireplace design because they prefer to feel as homey and natural as possible.

There are others though who wish to use something that is unique and not seen in many homes. With a fireplace design like that is will make their home have more value and charm to it - but without losing any of its warmth. One way that you are able to obtain a unique look is to use a European fireplace design.

As we all know the Europeans are quite different from us at times in the way that they do things - but this can be a good thing. Many of the European fireplace designs are either very classic and make you feel like you were in a Jane Austen novel or are very modern and make you feel like you have entered a James Bond movie.

The mantle, chimneys, and fireplace as a whole is able to take on a unique pattern, color, and style that is hard to find anywhere else. If you do not find a single European fireplace design that you love than you can always use them for inspiration. Try to find one or two designs that you love and incorporate them together so that they are able to work well inside of your home.

Some of the most unique types of European fireplace designs are the ones that are placed in the middle of a room. The chimney is long and very wide making it protrude farther into the room then most would. The fireplace itself is open all around except for the back where the chimney is located. Another great design is the one that is built snugly into the wall. These are easy to clean and do not use any type of mantel.