Chimney Fireplace Design

There are many different parts of the fireplace. Without all of these parts it would not function properly and it would look very boring and lifeless. Because the fireplace is often seen as an important feature in a home it is something that you want to make sure is well designed so as to reflect that. This include the chimney.

The chimney is probably the most important of the fireplace because it is what is used to help it to work. Without the chimney there would be no passageway for the smoke to exit from and it would flow into the home instead. But this is just one purpose that it is used for. The other reason why the chimney is so important is because it helps to blend into the whole design of it all.

There are many different types of chimney designs that you are able to choose from and which should blend in well with the fireplace design and fireplace mantel you wish to use. More often then not people will choose the same materials for the chimney and fireplace so that they are able to flow seamlessly together.

The most common chimney fireplace design that people will use is stone and brick. Both of these are very strong and give the home a rustic feel but also show off something that is elegant. When these chimney designs are used you will usually have it running up the length of the wall until it touches the ceiling.

There are other types of chimneys that are there - but they cannot be seen inside of the home. Rather than protruding from the wall and traveling up to the ceiling they are hidden inside of the wall. This leaves more space open and allows for a wider fireplace opening - but a smaller fireplace mantel to be used.

This type of chimney fireplace design is more commonly used when the fireplace is made with wood or marble. It is great to use in some of the more classic type homes and helps to allow people to use fireplaces in smaller rooms.