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Fireplace Designs

Fireplace DesignThere are three main components for designing a fireplace - the firebox,  hearth and fireplace opening. The firebox, as you may have guessed, is the area where the fire is burned. The hearth is the area outside of the firebox and the fireplace opening surrounds it all and is the most noticable of all components, including the mantle, and as such there are many styles and options available for this piece.

There are literally millions of combinations you could put together, and of course styling your fireplace to accomidate and accent the rest of your home should be the goal. With help from the informative articles on this blog, you'll be able to choose a stunning and attractive fireplace whether it be for indoor or outdoor use; located in the corner or on your wall; made of of stone, brick, wood or some other material.

I know how difficult it is making a choice that you've got to live with and look at every day, and picking out that perfect look and feel to blend well with your living area's decor is no exception. While you're here at our BlogSavy blog, you'll notice all of the articles we've written on the right-hand sidebar. You'll be able to find lots great fireplace design ideas, pictures and more. I'm confident that if you're considering building a fireplace inside or outside your home, you'll be able to find an idea that will help you design the perfect fire place or firepit.

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